YoTip: Floating Triangle Sequence with Victoria Slagter

Victoria - Downdog split

Start with a nice, deep, down dog split

Words and photos by Lynette Chiang

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YoTeacher Victoria Slagter presents her Floating Triangle Sequence, “a delicious warm up sequence in the morning, following your salutations to the Sun.” This post was also featured by Body Local

Victoria is well known and loved for her invigorating 10am morning classes at YoGanesh.

“As with any vinyasa practice, a flowing sequence such as this one helps to build strength, willpower,  stamina and most importantly, deals with engaging the belly and bandas. This may lead to self-empowerment, self-discovery, radiant health and happiness!”

Check out when Victoria is teaching in the YoGanesh Schedule. Om Shanti Om!


Victoria - floating triangle

Floating triangle


Victoria - into side plank

… into side plank on the opposite hand …


Victoria - Side plank leg raised

Vasisthasana – side plank advanced


Victoria - full vasisthasana

Full Vasisthasana


Victoria - Rockstar

… into Rockstar …


Victoria - rockstar to wheel

Rockstar into urdhva dhanurasana


Victoria - wheel - urdhva dhanurasana

Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel pose)


Victoria  - three-legged plank

Three-legged plank


Victoria - chaturanga (one legged)



Victoria - updog

Urdhva mukha svanasana (upward facing dog)


Victoria - downdog

Adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog)

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