KNOTTY PROBLEMS SOLVED: Massage with Mike Santana now at YoGanesh

by Lynette Chiang YoGanesh is excited to welcome Mike Santana to our Healing Room as our resident massage therapist. With more than 20 years experience as an “intuitive bodyworker,” Mike’s unique therapeutic style is sought after by celebrities and regular desk jockeys alike. He’s offering a special deal for Ganeshers - see below and book soon! Mike, first up, what’s this […]

Workshop: Sat Aug 2 – Tai Chi & Qi Gong with Master Sherry Zhang

 Tai Chi & Qi Gong Health/Energy Healing Workshop with Master Sherry Zhang Saturday August 2nd, 2014 2-4pm $40 (Pre-Register) $45 Day of Workshop Sign up now!   Health Qi Gong, as the way of protecting and strengthening health and prolonging life, has been practiced by the Chinese for thousands years. In our new Qi Gong […]

Neurogenic Yoga Workshop, Friday April 18: The power of tremoring

Neurogenic Yoga Workshop Friday April 18, 2014, 6pm-9pm Pre-register $45 ($50 on the day) Sign up now! YoGanesh is delighted to welcome back Maria Alfaro California to conduct her second Neurogenic Yoga – also known as “tremoring” – workshop at YoGanesh.  So what is tremoring all about? Read the reactions from last year’s co-leader Phil Lynch […]

BlogTalkRadio interviews YoGanesh founder Norma Kerner

How do you breathe life into a new yoga studio? Business and life coach Jeff Vilensky gets up front and personal with YoGanesh Founder Norma Kerner on BlogTalkRadio. Listen to the full interview here (at 35:00). J: You’re on fun to Fortune Entrepreneur Success Stories with Coach Jeff, I’m here with Norma – tell us about […]

YoGanesh Open House: Swords, Arrows and Blessings

Photos by Rick Dewitt and Norma Kerner DESPITE accidentally scheduling our YoGanesh Open House 2014 on the Martin Luther King holiday (how do you say doh! in Sanskrit?) we were blessed with a small but enthusiastic gathering of Ganeshers and friends – some who came all the way from my far flung neighborhood on City […]

Open House & Holiday Party- Sat. Jan. 18th

Open House Free Yoga & Dance Classes 10am-2pm Holiday Party 7pm-9pm – Music, Tasty Food, Raffles & Lots of Fun

YoTeacher: Arielle Danziger: Why a long savasana is totally necessary!

Former dancer Arielle Danziger helps new yogis and students recovering from injuries find comfort, strength and happiness through yoga As told to Fern Langham You have been on the yoga path for many years. What brought you to yoga and what has yoga brought you? I found yoga twice. The first time I was living in […]

YoGanesh BLISSOUT Retreat: Feb 27-Mar 3, 2014

 YoGanesh BLISSOUT Retreat Feb 27-Mar 3, 2014 with YoTeachers: Fern Langham & Arielle Danziger Welcome the New Year with a refreshed body, mind, and spirit! If you’re on the hunt for a nourishing and relaxing soul-centered vacation, don’t miss this upcoming zen getaway to Rincon, Puerto Rico with two of our lovely YoGanesh teachers. Running […]

Workshop 12/13/13: Interactive Sound Healing with David Moises

Interactive Sound Healing Workshop with David Moises Friday December 13, 7:30pm $25 Sign up now! Sound Spa is a vibrational healing center where David Moises uses voice, breath, overtone singing, Tibetan and quartz crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and gongs as therapeutic tools to enhance the healing process. A life long musician and student of […]

YoTeacher: Julie Weber on living freely, fully and joyfully

  Yoga teacher, holistic health coach and founder of The Samana Project, Julie Weber helps busy professionals make healthy diet and lifestyle choices so they can live their lives without sacrificing the things they love. As told to Fern Langham Julie, how did you get involved in the yoga world? I was a dancer growing up, so the link […]

[VIDEO] Balle balle! Masala Bhangra, Saturdays 12 noon

Masala Bhangra Workout® Starting Sat September 7, 2013 Movie: a glimpse at the Masala Bhangra introductory class with Elaine Baez. (Click here if you cannot see the movie) by Lynette Chiang AS our long time Ganeshers will attest, we love to mix it up here at YoGanesh, offering classes to complement – or even be […]

YoGanesh is movin’ on up! New location now open

YoGanesh: MOVIN’ ON UP! See our moving photos here Our new studio address is: 208 West 29th Street, 2nd Floor (Room 201), between 7th & 8th Avenues.  Below is all about our move. But since we’ve moved, it’s now history. So come on downdog and join us! +++ Strong Ch’i energy is written all over […]

Workshop Sat 6/1/13: Inversions and Backbends with Yoshio Hama

Photos by Lynette Chiang Inversions and Backbends Workshop with Yoshio Hama Sat  1, 2013, 2pm-4pm Sign up now! Learn how to master some of the most important yoga postures- inversions and backbends. Headstand (Sirshanana) is called “The King of Asanas” because it has profound psychic, physical and psychological effects. This workshop is a combination of […]

Workshop 6/9/13: Freedom, Flow & Fire ~ YogaDance with Jurian Hughes

Workshop: Freedom, Flow & Fire YogaDance with Jurian Hughes Sunday 9th June, 2013 4pm-6pm Pre-Registration Required $40 Sign up now! Gabrielle Roth, movement guru and creator of Five Rhythms said, “Each of us is a moving center, a space of divine mystery. And though we spend most of our time on the surface in the […]

Global Ganeshers: Help Jacquelene fight child slavery in Ghana

Every month we receive inspiring news from Ganeshers out in the world, embarking on selfless projects to help fellow beings and our planet. One of our dedicated Lunchtime Express Ganeshers, Jacquelene Adam, is in Ghana and hopes to write a book about the tragedy of child slavery. Please read about her work, and consider supporting […]

YoTip: Park Bench Yoga for Cyclists by Lynette Chiang

Words and movie by Lynette Chiang. Photos by Keith Leung Do cyclists need yoga? Take a look at the above video to see what riding a bicycle (very fast, lots of miles) can do without the benefits of a regular yoga practice … Recently I was asked to give a talk at the New York […]

YoTeacher: Fern Langham on power, grace, and simplicity

  Meet one of our newest YoTeachers, Fern Langham, who we managed to catch between vinyasas, a daily run and green drinks …   Photos by Lynette Chiang Fern, How did you get involved in the yoga world? About 8 years ago, I went to yoga classes at the gym as a way to spice […]

Workshop Sat 5/4: Yoga Safari for Kids & Parents, with Miss Pixie

YoGanesh Yoga Safari for Kids & Parents! Perfect for kids 5-10 & parents of any age! Using a series of playful poses, we’ll stretch & move to the music!  Miss Pixie, aka Jennifer Alhasa, helps little lights shine like the stars they are with this special Yoga for Kids workshop! For more about Jennifer, visit […]

Workshop Sun 5/12: MAMASTE Mother’s Day Yoga with Fern Langham

 Special Mother’s Day Yoga Class 2013 Workshop Sun 5/12: MAMASTE Mother’s Day Restorative with Fern Langham 11.30am-1pm Sign up now Have you thought about what you’re getting Mom for Mother’s Day yet? How about a mother-daughter or mother-son yoga class? Or are you a busy Mom (or Mom-to-Be) who would like to celebrate the day […]

Workshop Sat 4/13: Spring Renewal Detox with Donnie Desanti & Erica Arce

Come DETOXIFY and RENEW for SPRING with Nutrition Coach Donnie Desanti and Erica Arce Saturday April 13, 4-6pm Sign up now! The body is a wonderfully efficient and self regulating organism, and yet it relies on your good decision making to keep it running smoothly. Just as your car needs it’s daily maintenance and an […]

Workshop May 18-19: Healing Our Energy Body with Andrew Tanner

Healing Our Energy Body with Andrew Tanner Sat & Sun May 18 & 19 $125 for both Sessions $75 for One Session Sign up now! According to Sahm Je-Taoism, a little known form of longevity practices and philosophy that originated in northern China and modern-day North Korea, when energy is circulating well a healthy person […]

Yoga for Kids: How It Can Improve Behavior & Academic Performance by Beth Guadagni

Yoga is good for the mind, body and soul, but is it good for the budding young mind, body and soul? An innovative education clinician in our nabe – Dr Paul B. Yellin – believes so. We spoke to his learning specialist and Ganesher, Beth Guadagni. As told to Lynette Chiang   Beth, you’ve got […]

Sun. 3rd Mar: [VIDEO] Neurogenic Yoga Workshop with Maria Alfaro & Phil Lynch

Neurogenic Yoga with Maria Alfaro & Phil Lynch Sun. March 3 , 3:30pm-6:00pm $45 Sign up here | Watch video VIDEO: Neurogenic Yoga For Stress and Trauma Release from Will Suto on Vimeo. UPDATE  Workshop review Tremoring for beginners: This experiential workshop will include an introduction of Neurogenic tremoring and its history and origin in Dr. David […]

YoTip: Floating Triangle Sequence with Victoria Slagter

Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips YoTeacher Victoria Slagter presents her Floating Triangle Sequence, “a delicious warm up sequence in the morning, following your salutations to the Sun.” This post was also featured by Body Local Victoria is well known and loved for her invigorating 10am morning classes at YoGanesh. “As with any vinyasa practice, a flowing sequence […]

Sat Feb 9: POSTPONED Mini Meditation Workshop with Steven Leonard

Note: This workshop is postponed due to Blizzard Nemo. Watch this space for a rescheduled date! Mini Meditation Workshop with Kripalu teacher Steven Leonard Saturday Feb 29, 2013 $39 An Intimate and Natural Approach: This retreat is a reintroduction and journey back to the natural happening of meditation. It is a balance of guidance, story, […]

Sat Feb 23: Inversion Workshop with Donnalynn Civello

Turn Your Life Upside Down! Inversion Workshop with Donnalynn Civello Saturday, February 23, 4-6pm $45 Sign up now! For many people, headstand is the pose that most people fear. Generally they think they are afraid of falling over. In reality is a reflection of their fear of “turning their life upside down.” Either way, the […]

YoTeacher: Victoria Slagter brings a heartfelt theme to every class

  Victoria Slagter is loved by Ganeshers for her playful, yet deeply spiritual classes and regular “Mindful Monday” inspiration on our Facebook page. We caught up with her mid-scorpian to find out what makes her dance … Interview by Lynette Chiang 1. Victoria, you’re well known for providing a spiritual reading at the start of […]

Ecstatic Dharma Workshop, Sat Dec 22 with Erica Arce & Steve Leonard

ECSTATIC DHARMA WORKSHOP Transcend the Ordinary Self. Trust Life. Open to Mystery. Be Yourself. Act with Intimacy. Saturday 22nd December, 2012 –  5-8pm Register now!   Ecstasy means to stand outside the ordinary self, to break through the habit patterns of conventional consciousness and the strong hold of the ego. Dharma is life path, the […]

Sat Dec 22: Sandy Benefit for hurricane-affected Ganeshers

THANK YOU to all who came to our Sandy Benefit! Check out the photos and videos on the YoGanesh Facebook page *** OM SANDY! Karma Yoga Benefit for Ganeshers + friends affected by Hurricane Sandy Saturday, December 29th, 7.30 pm 232 7th Avenue NY, NY btw, 23rd & 24th Streets $15 suggested donation Yoganesh invites you to join […]

YoTip: Awareness of the Pose with Yoshio Hama

No straining, no pushing … the key to improving your yoga poses or asana, says Yoshio Hama, is not contortion but concentration. Here, he offers interpretive insights into some popular poses, believing that when the heart and mind lead, the body will follow. Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips Ganeshers who regularly come to Yoshio Hama’s […]

JourneyDance Workshop with Michael Dalton: 4 Saturdays

JourneyDance Nov-Dec Workshop Series with Dancer and Kripalu teacher Michael Dalton Four Saturdays – 5:00 pm Nov. 17, Dec. 1, Dec. 15, Jan. 5 Join our Kripalu teacher, Michael Dalton in a series of four JourneyDance™  classes. Michael is a trained dancer who recently took a spiritual journey of his own and made a career […]

YoTip: Backbending with Yashmani Seepaul

  In his seminal work Light On Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar writes: Backbends are rejuvenating. They give energy and courage and combat depression. They open the chest and make the spine flexible. The arms and shoulders become strong. The mind and body become alert. YoTeacher Yashmani guides you through a complete backbends-are-beautiful sequence. Words and photos […]

Warm and Buzzy Hurricane Sandy Benefit – Sunday November 11

Warm and Buzzy: Soulful Sunday Yoga with DJ Juice and Amy Israel LIVE! Benefit for Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort 2:00pm – 3:30pm, Sunday November 11, 2012 Amy talks about her tattoo by feminist artist Judy Chicago Join Amy Israel and DJ D-Juice  for another Warm and Buzzy class!  Treats provided after class by Telah Handmade […]

YoTip: Koundinyasana Prep, with Erica Arce and Friends

  One of the easiest “fancy” poses to get into is Koundinyasana II (pose dedicated to the sage Koundinya). Kripalu YoTeacher Erica Arce, with cameo appearances from from our other YoTeachers shows you a preparation sequence to help you get there. Words and photos by Lynette Chiang If there’s one pose to impress your non-yoga friends with, it’s Koundinyasana […]

Getting my peace on: cancer survivor+coach Jennifer Alhasa

Diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer, Jennifer Alhasa says “I had a 40% shot at surviving 5 years.  I wanted to hit Mexico’s beaches and die.” Not only did Jen survive and thrive, she began a new life calling as a cancer coach, and yoga played a major in her recovery. We caught up with her […]

Friends of YoGanesh: Panacea Costa Rica in NYC, Sun Sep 30, 2012, 11am-3pm

Anyone for outdoor yoga? Friends of YoGanesh PANACEA DE LA MONTAÑA (Costa Rica) Comes to New York City, Pier 40 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2012 11am – 3pm  Panacea is a beautiful yoga retreat in Costa Rica that some Ganeshers have already visited and enjoyed immensely. (Watch this space for more info on their upcoming retreat). The […]

YoGanesh 2nd Anniversary Party & Community Bazaar [VIDEO + PHOTOS]

Eat, drink and be neighborly! YoGanesh Yoga 2nd Anniversary Party + Community Bazaar Saturday Sep 29, 2012, 7–10pm VIDEO: Click here if you cannot see it above. Check out the photos on our Facebook page!  On what a night! Thank you to all the Ganeshers and friends and local businesses who made this possible. We had […]

YoTip: Flying Crow by Donnalynn Civello

Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips Even flying crows need to learn to fly. YoGanesh teacher Donnalynn Civello shows you how. Nobody learns to fly overnight. Take baby steps. The work in Eka Pada Galavasana (Flying Crow) is in the forearms/elbows – they become the “chaturanga shelf” or the perfectly 90-degree bent arms that you […]

DonnaLynn Civello: YoGanesh’s Staff Wellness Coach

Check back for Winter Wellness sessions starting Jan 2013. Namaste! A Gift for Ganeshers: FREE Introductory Session with Holistic Health & Wellness Counseling Coach Donnalynn Civello, HHC, AADP As Executive Director of Ethereal Wellness and a certified Holistic Health Coach, Donnalynn works with you to help you achieve BALANCE in all aspects of your […]

YoGanesh goes mobile on your iPhone and Android

Put in your pocket:  our new mobile app makes it quicker and easier to call us, pinpoint our location and check the schedule. So you’ve tried looking at the website on your smartphone and noticed it’s a little, uh, hard to read without pinching and zooming? Yes, we know. It’s not what is […]

Yoga Retreat in Baja Mexico with Phil Lynch and Megan Murphy

Baja Mexico Yoga Retreat, February 9-16th, 2013 Prana del Mar, led by Phil Lynch and Megan Murphy Dear Ganeshers! Once, again, our annual retreat will be held at Prana del Mar, an absolutely stunning luxury wellness center located less than 30 minutes from Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico. It’s located at the tip of the Baja […]

Yoga for Couples: People who play together, stay together

When you hear “yoga for couples” what comes to mind? Pairs of yogis in candle lit surrounds performing two-person acrobatics while looking lovingly (or fearfully) into each others eyes? That’s a common image when you think of a “partner yoga” class. More often, couples simply come along together encourage each other; one person has discovered […]

Farm to Mat: The locavore life of Abby Paloma

by Lynette Chiang YoTeacher and dedicated locavore foodie Abby Paloma has been teaching at YoGanesh since we first hoisted up our Ganesha banner.  She spoke to us about her divine double life – Manhattan half the week, and running bucolic organic farm dinners the rest … Abby, what is this place you disappear to for […]

YoTip: 6-Step Downdog Tune-Up with Lynette Chiang

Do your hammies say “nope” and your heels say “nyet” in downward facing dog? Fuggetaboutit! Here’s an easy, six-step downdog “tuning” technique for newbies, the short hamstrung and … the rest of us! Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips Ardho Mukha Svanasana (ardho = downward, muhka = face, svana = dog, Asana = pose) or […]

Guyneshers: Cabbie Nazim Uddin Off Duty

Words and photos by Lynette Chiang We’ve noticed a healthy uptick in the number of men coming to class, and not just gym bodies or Rudolf Nureyev lookalikes either… MEN of all shapes, sizes and professions are discovering yoga for decreasing that middle-age girth while increasing their flexibility and state of mind. Three days a […]

Workshop: Yoga Temple – Creating Ceremony in your Daily Practice

  Saturday July 28, 2008, 4-6pm – Yoga Temple with Jovinna Chan Ancient cultures knew the trans-formative power of reverence and ceremony. Transform your practice into a sacred ritual and energize your life into a celebration of communion with the divine. In this experiential practice, you will move the body, breath and prana with love, […]

July Guest Teacher: Amitai Cohen

YoGanesh is thrilled to welcome Amitai Cohen as our July 2012 guest teacher. Amitai has dedicated much of his life to studying the mind, body, and spirit through yoga, martial arts, healing practices, and Eastern philosophies and tradition. An experienced and respected teacher of both yoga and martial arts, he has completed intensive teacher trainings […]

Mind Over Madness: Yoga in Times Square (VIDEO)

VIDEO: A glimpse of the 7.30am class from the pavement of Times Square – shot by YoGanesh teacher Lynette Chiang between up and down dogs … Every gardener enjoys the planting of the seeds as he/she conditions the earth to receive them and makes preparations for the seed to take root … sometimes seeds grow in […]

[VIDEO] Senior Yoga: Doug Slack’s amazing 3-year journey

60-plus and arms to prove it: Doug’s arm balancing prowess. (Thanks to Heather Morgan and 3rd St Beach Yoga, music by Benjamin Smielowitz – Let Us Be Love) An amazing “senior yoga” story of bicyclist-yogi Doug Slack, 63, who took his first formal yoga lesson at the tender tough age of 60. Despite a serious […]

YoTip: How to enjoy natural “hot yoga.”

Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips Summer is a great time for yoga – muscles and joints seem naturally more flexible and compared to winter, you don’t need as much of a warm-up. Here at YoGanesh, we like to warm up and cool down the natural way – using precisely the temperature of the world […]

YoTip: Chaturanga Tune-up with Jasmine Carsky

Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose) is the well-known second step of the classic vinyasa: 1. plank pose,  2. low push-up (chaturanga), 3. upward facing dog, 4. downward facing dog. Done right, chaturanga dandasana develops incredible tone and strength from the neck all the way down to the heels. And it’s […]

YoTip: Pigeon Pose for the rest of us with Lynette Chiang [VIDEO]

VIDEO: YoGanesh teacher Lynette Chiang demonstrates an easy way to get into Pigeon pose Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips One of our more “obscure” muscles (in that, you’re not really aware of it on a daily basis like your quads and hammies) is the piriformis. This muscle is located deep in your butt, running […]

YoGear: Gorgeous designer yoga mat available to test now!

Ultralight, eco, sanitary and beautiful: is this is the mat of your dreams? Story and photos by Lynette Chiang Certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor at YoGanesh We’re thrilled to be the first New York yoga studio to receive a sample of a beautiful new mat from Hunki Dori. Just look at those patterns! “I designed these mats […]

YoTip: Beginner – Easy Side Plank Feet

  Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips Vasisthasana, or Side Plank, is not only challenging on the wrists, upper body and core for beginners, it’s often a bit wobbly and uncomfortable on the feet. The “textbook” way is to stacking the feet side by side on top of each other … I’ve seen students wobble […]

Kripalu at YoGanesh: Just trust.

  The hard and heartful work is finally coming to a close: YoGanesh’s first class of Kripalu yoga teachers will soon graduate their 200-hour training in June, 2012. Every other weekend since January, a Saturday and Sunday morning Sadhana class (a longer class of prayer, movement and meditation) attracted a large gathering. Vanessa Seliokas came […]

YoTip: Halasana (Plow Pose) with Carol Chu

Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips “Plow has always helped me relieve any lower back ache,” she says.  “It’s something I’ve been doing ever since I was a kid,” says YoTeacher Carol Chu. In the spirit of  “show not tell,” Carol showed us how this pose can be done even in jeans and on a hard floor […]

Workshop: Ayurveda 101 with DonnaLynn, Sun June 10, 2012

Ayurveda 101 Understanding Your Body Type with Donnalynn Civello Sunday June 10, 3:30pm-5:30pm $45 Do you know what your body type (dosha) is? Do you know how it affects you physically, mentally and emotionally? Do you know how to bring your body type back into balance when you are experiencing an imbalance? YoGanesh and Ethereal […]

Thank you! Ecstatic Flamenco Kirtan with Eddy Nataraj, Sat May 19, 7.30pm

THANK YOU to everyone who came on Saturday night and made this evening such a success. We hope Eddie and KC come back! See more photos of this event here our Facebook page. +++ YoGanesh is delighted to welcome guitarist Eddy Nataraj to our beautiful space for a special concert. Date: Saturday May 19, 7.30pm, […]

YoYip: Easy Half Moon Pose – Wall Variation with Phil Lynch

  Ardha Chandrasana (HALF MOON POSE)  requires balance and strength, with open chest and inner thighs. Using the wall minimizes the challenge of balance, while helping to stabilize the lower leg and foot. Up against the wall is YoTeacher Phil Lynch to show you how!  Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips It is always best to look […]

Workshop: Bhaghavad Gita and Yoga Sutras, Sat & Sun April 14-15, 2012

The Bhaghavad Gita with Devarshi & Yoga Sutras Workshop with Andrew Tanner Saturday & Sunday April 14 & 15th 1 session $30, 2 Sessions $55 and 4 Sessions $100 Saturday, April 14 The Bhagavad Gita -  1:15pm – 4:15pm Join Devarshi Steven Hartman, Dean of the Kripalu School of Yoga and Author of the Best-Selling Audio […]

WOW! $30 for 30 days – New Student Special!

$30 for 30 days … that’s our current special for NEW STUDENTS and STUDENTS WHO HAVE BEEN AWAY FOR 6 MONTHS. So take advantage of it! If you come to a class, please pick up some of our “green groovin’ elephant” postcards on your way out to share with friends and family, and leave them […]

Kripalu Yoga with Erica Arce Fridays at 6 pm

In connection with our Kripalu Teacher Training, we are now offering a Kripalu style yoga class and hope to add a few more in the coming months. Kripalu Yoga is an inquiry-based yoga methodology that promotes the awakening of the life force (prana). Using classic asanas, pranayama, meditation, and relaxation techniques, Kripalu Yoga increases awareness […]

Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training comes to YoGanesh

Kripalu, the famed yoga center in MA is offering teacher training in NYC for the first time ever, and we’re honored that they’ve chosen YoGanesh to host it! Training has already begun but you can still sign up for their other teacher trainings in Lenox. Please note that we have to cancel some classes every […]

Workshop: Learn to Float with Phil Lynch

Saturday, January 28th  2012 4pm – 6pm – $30 (Sign up now at Expand your practice by adding “flight” to your transitions! This workshop will connect upper body strength and alignments to your lower body control. Strengthening the core will be the focus to take you to a new level of development and understanding.  […]

Zentle Yoga: a restorative class taught by founder Norma Kerner

Zentle yoga is a melding of Asian/Indian influences – Yoga, Qi Gong, Restorative, vibrational and blissful. YoGanesh Founder Norma Kerner talks about her special class. by Lynette Chiang Norma, now and then you teach a special and personal class called “Zentle yoga.” What exactly is it? It’s a combination of simple Hatha Vinyasa asanas and […]

Why Kripalu? by YoGanesh teacher Erica Arce

Erica (handstanding) with fellow Kripalu instructor Jay Karlinski. Erica Arce is YoGanesh’s official Kripalu instructor, teaching Fridays at 6pm. | Erica Arce Yoga on Facebook Train to be a Kripalu Yoga Teacher at YoGanesh! Feb 9 – Jun 24, 2012 To climb deep down into the rabbit hole of your subconscious and feel within your own mind, body and […]

Special Christmas Day Class

CHRISTMAS DAY CLASS, 10am-11.15am: Many yoga studios are offering just one class on Xmas day and so will we, but a little earlier than most – perfect for you to proceed to the inevitable food coma family buffet with a toned tummy! To get you in the mood, instructor Lynette will serve some coconut nog […]

It is worth remembering …

It is worth remembering that there is only one yoga and can only be one yoga. True, aspirants are of different natures and resort to various doctrines and practices to progress along the path. But one who completes the process of yoga understands its different paths and sees that the systematic practice of various disciplines […]

Workshop: Headstand & Forearm Balance with Yoshio, Sat Nov 19, 2011

Turn Your World Upside Down Today! HEADSTAND and  FOREARM BALANCE WORKSHOP with YOSHIO HAMA Saturday, Nov.19, 2011 4-6pm $30 Sign up here Don’t miss this incredible workshop! HEADSTAND (SIRSHASANA)Learn how to master one of the most important yoga postures,the Headstand (Sirshasana) FOREARM BALANCES (PINCHA MAYURASANA) Strengthens the shoulders, arms, and back. Stretches the shoulders and […]

YoTip: Hipper-than-hip workshop with Phil Lynch

Video: Phil demonstrates Utthita Hasta Padangustasana (Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose) More Photos here! YoGanesh teacher Phil Lynch recently led an eye-and-hip opening “Hips & Hamstrings” workshop. Here, Phil shows you exactly what goes on “behind closed hips” and how to unlock them with mindful techniques. Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips Here is […]

Upcoming workshops: Hips, Hamstrings, Headstands – newbies welcome!

Tripod: one of the easier inversions to learn – keeping your feet on the ground is OK! Photo by Lynette Chiang Hey Ganeshers … There’s never a dull moment here at YoGanesh! Apart from our a weekly roster of interesting classes to suit everyone from the spiritual yogi to the power pilates lover to the […]

Kirtan, Kripalu and Koundinyasana: Celebrating our 1-Year Anniversary!

Story, photos and video by Lynette Chiang PHOTO GALLERY of the Workshop and Party It’s been many crescent moons and sun salutations since we first opened our little door on 7th Ave exactly 12 months ago – and we were delighted to celebrate with some of our best friends in true YoGanesh style. First, YoGanesh co-founder […]

Welcome to The YoGanesh Blog

We’ve been so busy getting our studio humming along in its first year we’re just getting around to our blog. Thanks for your patience and check back soon! Meanwhile, please join our Facebook page and see you in class! Namaste, the YoGanesh team. PS: Saturday Sep 24th, 4-6pm – come to our Kripalu workshop ($20 donation appreciated) and […]

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