Links We Love : These are the contractors that helped us design and buildout YoGanesh. : The Mother Ship of yoga. : A great site for yoga accessories and info. : Another great site for health and yoga info. : One of our favorite yoga magazines. It is always on our lounge table. : An incredibly beautiful and reasonably priced yoga retreat center in Costa Rica. We hope to have some of our YoGanesh family visit there with you! : Our Feng Shui Consultant. : The best vegan fare in Chelsea. They have a Norwalk Press juicer that is amazing! Friendly staff too!

 The first and biggest retreat center in the US.  We were honored that they did their first teacher training in NYC at YoGanesh! : Great blogger, yoga teacher, local bicycle enthusiast, and inventor of the traffic cone bag for bicyclists!   

Mirelle offers holistic skincare and waxing with organic hard wax.


2 Comments to "Links We Love"

  1. I am very happy with your studio. It is near my apartment and near my place of business! I have attended many Yoga classes and retreats and teacher trainings over the last 15 years. I KNOW that this is “The Real Deal”.

    • YoGanesh says:

      Hi Paul,
      We really appreciate that you’re one of our “Guyneshers.” Thank you for choosing us! And since you’re “in the nabe,” feel free to let us know about some of your favorite local places – – we love to support our wonderful neighborhood!

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