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YoTip: Park Bench Yoga for Cyclists by Lynette Chiang

Words and movie by Lynette Chiang. Photos by Keith Leung Do cyclists need yoga? Take a look at the above video to see what riding a bicycle (very fast, lots of miles) can do without the benefits of a regular yoga practice … Recently I was asked to give a talk at the New York […]

YoTip: Floating Triangle Sequence with Victoria Slagter

Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips YoTeacher Victoria Slagter presents her Floating Triangle Sequence, “a delicious warm up sequence in the morning, following your salutations to the Sun.” This post was also featured by Body Local Victoria is well known and loved for her invigorating 10am morning classes at YoGanesh. “As with any vinyasa practice, a flowing sequence […]

YoTip: Awareness of the Pose with Yoshio Hama

No straining, no pushing … the key to improving your yoga poses or asana, says Yoshio Hama, is not contortion but concentration. Here, he offers interpretive insights into some popular poses, believing that when the heart and mind lead, the body will follow. Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips Ganeshers who regularly come to Yoshio Hama’s […]

YoTip: Backbending with Yashmani Seepaul

  In his seminal work Light On Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar writes: Backbends are rejuvenating. They give energy and courage and combat depression. They open the chest and make the spine flexible. The arms and shoulders become strong. The mind and body become alert. YoTeacher Yashmani guides you through a complete backbends-are-beautiful sequence. Words and photos […]

YoTip: Koundinyasana Prep, with Erica Arce and Friends

  One of the easiest “fancy” poses to get into is Koundinyasana II (pose dedicated to the sage Koundinya). Kripalu YoTeacher Erica Arce, with cameo appearances from from our other YoTeachers shows you a preparation sequence to help you get there. Words and photos by Lynette Chiang If there’s one pose to impress your non-yoga friends with, it’s Koundinyasana […]

YoTip: Flying Crow by Donnalynn Civello

Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips Even flying crows need to learn to fly. YoGanesh teacher Donnalynn Civello shows you how. Nobody learns to fly overnight. Take baby steps. The work in Eka Pada Galavasana (Flying Crow) is in the forearms/elbows – they become the “chaturanga shelf” or the perfectly 90-degree bent arms that you […]

YoTip: 6-Step Downdog Tune-Up with Lynette Chiang

Do your hammies say “nope” and your heels say “nyet” in downward facing dog? Fuggetaboutit! Here’s an easy, six-step downdog “tuning” technique for newbies, the short hamstrung and … the rest of us! Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips Ardho Mukha Svanasana (ardho = downward, muhka = face, svana = dog, Asana = pose) or […]

YoTip: How to enjoy natural “hot yoga.”

Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips Summer is a great time for yoga – muscles and joints seem naturally more flexible and compared to winter, you don’t need as much of a warm-up. Here at YoGanesh, we like to warm up and cool down the natural way – using precisely the temperature of the world […]

YoTip: Chaturanga Tune-up with Jasmine Carsky

Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose) is the well-known second step of the classic vinyasa: 1. plank pose,  2. low push-up (chaturanga), 3. upward facing dog, 4. downward facing dog. Done right, chaturanga dandasana develops incredible tone and strength from the neck all the way down to the heels. And it’s […]

YoTip: Pigeon Pose for the rest of us with Lynette Chiang [VIDEO]

VIDEO: YoGanesh teacher Lynette Chiang demonstrates an easy way to get into Pigeon pose Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips One of our more “obscure” muscles (in that, you’re not really aware of it on a daily basis like your quads and hammies) is the piriformis. This muscle is located deep in your butt, running […]

YoTip: Beginner – Easy Side Plank Feet

  Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips Vasisthasana, or Side Plank, is not only challenging on the wrists, upper body and core for beginners, it’s often a bit wobbly and uncomfortable on the feet. The “textbook” way is to stacking the feet side by side on top of each other … I’ve seen students wobble […]

YoTip: Halasana (Plow Pose) with Carol Chu

Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips “Plow has always helped me relieve any lower back ache,” she says.  “It’s something I’ve been doing ever since I was a kid,” says YoTeacher Carol Chu. In the spirit of  “show not tell,” Carol showed us how this pose can be done even in jeans and on a hard floor […]

YoYip: Easy Half Moon Pose – Wall Variation with Phil Lynch

  Ardha Chandrasana (HALF MOON POSE)  requires balance and strength, with open chest and inner thighs. Using the wall minimizes the challenge of balance, while helping to stabilize the lower leg and foot. Up against the wall is YoTeacher Phil Lynch to show you how!  Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips It is always best to look […]

YoTip: Hipper-than-hip workshop with Phil Lynch

Video: Phil demonstrates Utthita Hasta Padangustasana (Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose) More Photos here! YoGanesh teacher Phil Lynch recently led an eye-and-hip opening “Hips & Hamstrings” workshop. Here, Phil shows you exactly what goes on “behind closed hips” and how to unlock them with mindful techniques. Words and photos by Lynette Chiang More YoTips Here is […]

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